Average Cost of Tanzania Safaris

We’ve heard about safari experiences that cost as little as $100/day, but these typically involve large groups, few extras, and primitive camping for lodging on some or most nights. Which isn’t to say these can’t be great experiences and reasonably safe, but $800-$1000+/day is more the standard for luxury-style safari experiences. Certainly, you can find even higher-end, truly extravagant vacation packages. In fact, in recent years, there’s been a concerted effort to expand the market for Tanzania safaris by adding more budget-friendly vacation packages, especially for no-frills adventurous types.

Like other online sources for Tanzania safari costs, we consciously listed the prices per day, rather than total trip costs. Some of the Tanzania safari companies and vendors advertise their prices this way, but regardless, there’s no such thing as an average total cost of a Tanzania safari vacation. 5 Days. 7 Days. 9 Days. 14 Days. We’re not saying you can find a safari package for every number between 3-30 days, but the reality isn’t too far off. In our personal experience and through a little bit of online research, we know that airfare to Tanzania costs about $500-$1,000+ depending on the city, time of year, and flight upgrades. We saw on this Quora forum that a one-week Tanzania safari that is “semi-luxurious” runs about $3,000-$3,500—not counting your basic travel expenses to get to Tanzania.

Still, taken as a whole and looking at all the various choices, you can begin to understand where some sources suggest that Tanzania and other African safaris might cost anywhere between $2,500 and $25,000. We know from a recent email from a couple we know who took a family Tanzania safari for 13 days and six people with Rothschild and it cost $51,000. That included all the shots and airfare from Chicago, food, lodging, everything. They didn’t provide much more detail than what you see, so it could have been extravagant or it could have been skinny. But you have an idea about what to expect.


Finding the Right Fit for You and Your Group

If this wasn’t vaguely complicated enough, things can get even trickier when you have members of your party with various financial means, personal standards, and tolerance level for roughing it. It may make a lot of sense to shop together as a group, but in our experience, some people are just too busy and so one person usually takes the lead. One of the ways in which you can narrow down your search is to look for themed Tanzania safaris that feature the Great Migration, gorillas, or the Masai Mara Extension.

Even so, it’s important to research and clearly communicate the options to the rest of your party members. Some compromises may be necessary along the way, but it’s often impossible to know what those compromises are—or if they’re necessary at all—until you see what the choices. A lot of people have nothing but the slightest inconveniences, or else nothing at all, to say against their Tanzania safari experience. But time and time again, when we do hear people talk about the frustrations with their trip—it tends to focus on the planning and failing to find the right safari package for their group. Lock this stuff down, and then start packing because you’ll be well on your way.

Another great way to calm nerves among those more high-strung friends and travelers, and to just make sure you make the most of your time there, you can look into day-by-day itineraries and guided tours for some of the best rated safaris in Tanzania.