Mount Meru

You don’t need to be Hindu or Buddhist to appreciate the sacred vibe that’s given off by this mountaintop and its five peaks. Members of many religious faiths have a special meaning and connection to this place, sometimes considered the center of the universe. Maybe you’re a religions buff, or maybe you’re intrigued by the natural phenomenon with such immense religious influence. 

Mount Meru is an incredible choice for those who want a challenging experience. Hiking on this mountain takes approximately seven hours. This includes ascending and descending. Be braced for this challenging adventure as the requirements are technical, and the altitudes are high. Wear comfortable trekking boots, some layers of clothes because the atmospheric temperatures keep on changing. Besides, come along with a first aid kit, energy bars, head torches adequately charged, climbing sticks, gloves, and resistance trousers in case of a fall. Hiking strictly begins from 9:00 am and 3:00 pm at Momella gate. 

Mount Meru is one of the incredible tourism destinations for camping with loved ones. Camping is allowed everywhere at any time unless cases of emergency. However, most times in mount Meru there are two most recommendable sites. Mikaramba and Saddle huts campsites are suitable and secure for your family. In those campsites, the caretakers sell spring water, coke, and beer at mountain prices. 

Mount Meru is open for climbing throughout the year. However, there are conditions to consider when planning climbing the mountain. Carefully consider atmospheric temperatures when planning for the climbing adventure. Dry seasons are favorable for this exercise. Typically, the dry season is from July to March. This period offers the best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Arusha National park from Mount Meru. February to June are typically the best months to climb to the peak of the mountain. 

Entry fees are different for local and foreign tourists. For foreign tourists, the charges are relatively higher than for the locals. For you to climb the mountain via the Momella Route, there are several compulsory fees you need to pay. The charges include the entrance fee per day, parking fee, hut fee per night, rescue fee per trek, guide per day, and park commission per day. All the fees must be paid in US dollars.  

If you are planning for a breathtaking tourist destination, Mount Meru is the place to visit. Either alone or as a group it’s the best place to spend a holiday. You will enjoy the fantastic mountain climbing activities and beautiful sceneries and wildlife.