How to Promote Tanzania Safari Adventures

The safari experience can be life-changing for both the participant and the guide. In some parts of the world, however, it can feel like there is a safari adventure company for every person visiting. There is an influx of safari companies, especially in places like Tanzania, and without proper strategizing and integrated marketing, a company could lose thousands of participants to competitors. Even if a company has a great safari, it takes some work on the back end to get that product to customers.

The key to promoting a Tanzania safari adventure is to get authentic content in front of an audience. You’ll want to target a specific customer with a specific strategy, but knowing how to do that can be difficult. Below, we’ve broken down some of the most important facets of promoting a safari adventure.


Find What Sets You Apart

In most cases, customers won’t be able to tell safari companies apart from one another. Most rely on the stereotype: images of zebras, lions, and giraffes, off-road vehicles buzzing through the savannah, and experienced guides to help along the way. While this sounds like the picture-perfect experience, it’s not often enough to get customers through the door.

As a company, you must figure out how to connect what’s specific about your safari company to the universal ideal of a safari adventure most travelers have in their heads. If you have access to a site that no other company does, put that information out there. Maintain your branding as a safari company, but point out how your service differs. Can customers get off the vehicle and walk around? Do you have a secret spot for viewing gazelles? If so, put that information in front of your potential customers. They’ll gravitate toward your service because it fits with their conception of an idea safari while offering something more.


Know What You’re Good At

Similar to finding what sets your company apart, knowing what you are good at is a crucial step in figuring out a marketing strategy. If you have excellent customer service, make that known. If you have a graphic designer on your team, allow them the space to be creative with the branding process. By figuring out what tools and skills employees bring to a team, you can better assess what needs additional work.


What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is an attempt to fuse all aspects of marketing communication for a single entity. This includes communication through advertising and sales promotions to public relations and social media. The mix works together to create the appearance of a unified force, ensuring that all messaging is consistent and that all marketing channels are centered on what the customer needs.

Integrated marketing can include a number of platform outlets, such as:

  • Web design
  • Website support
  • Social media
  • Email newsletters
  • Online advertising

Additionally, to push your content toward the customers you want, you may want to consider more advanced digital marketing, like search engine optimization. Regardless of your company, you’ll want to explore integrated marketing options. This provides customers with a comprehensive understanding of your business while simultaneously building and supporting your brand.


Know When to Ask for Help

Strategic marketing requires a lot of work and expertise. While it may be possible for a company to excel in one part of a marketing project, like having a great social media presence, it can take a lot of labor and helping hands to get the full strategy off the ground.

When you need that extra boost, hiring some outside help could be what you need to put your brand or company over the top. For example, here is a creative marketing agency and services that has done similar projects, and they helped point us in the right direction. It is important to find an agency that addresses multiple aspects of marketing so that they can better suit your company’s specific gaps.